Monday, September 1, 2014

Sony introduce new technologies augmented reality … the – KultureGeek


The future of the video game market will not go only by the VR helmets or Morpheus Oculus . Augmented reality, which according to Wikipedia is “ computer systems that make it possible to overlay a virtual 3D model or 2D to our perception of reality naturally ” , also strongly interested Sony , which since the PS3 continues to offer original solutions around this type of technology. Besides games (pretty forgettable), which are mainly based on the ability to overlay video game characters in the real environment, Sony also thought about the best way to make this invisible overlay, just to reinforce the illusion.

Dynamic Lightning, which uses light effects in the scene

On August 30th, the manufacturer will sponsor the “ Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2014 “, an electronics show popular in the country. To mark this event, the manufacturer should make a more complete presentation of the “ PS4 Dynamic Lightning “, which improves how digital lighting of a scene “marry” form objects filmed in real time (always in a scene augmented reality). The results are really convincing, but we are still waiting the arrival of the image processing algorithms for the Next Gen console manufacturer. Another technology, the “ VitaHoloPop ” will allow the PS Vita to create images of holographic kind. Holograms to save the PS Vita commercial doldrums where it is now, he had to think …


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