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Sex Tape: Sex and when new technologies are (good) household … – Tele

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Sex Tape: when gender and new technologies are (good) home cinema © Claire Folger / 2014 CTMG, Inc. / span>

Stories where sex is closely related to new technologies, film love it! Her , the latest film by Spike Jonze, released last March, Sex Tape , the new comedy from Jake Kasdan, with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, released this week, many films to be interested in these two topics essential.

Sex and new technologies do they mix? For the actress Cameron Diaz ( About Mary, The Holiday ) and Jason Segel ( 40 years: user manual , How I Met Your Mother ) hard to say yes! Featured this week Sex Tape Jake Kasdan (who Cameron Diaz had already teamed on Bad Teacher ), the two American actors camped a couple of Parents married for ten years. They decide ravirer the flame of his passion at half mast while filming her erotic antics with a digital tablet. Except … what should remain a private and confidential video will accidentally be sent via the cloud to all iPads from their families and their professional knowledge! A long journey awaits when the couple to get their sex tape in all people who have received it and to finally remove it … This will not be an easy task! Compromising situations, gags and laughs are scheduled.

Completely in tune with the times, the subject of this American comedy recalls the adventures of many celebrities who saw their intimate videos or photos end up against their will on the Net. One of the latest “victim” is the actress Jennifer Lawrence , the hero of the saga Hunger Games , the Cloud has been hacked and that ended up photo naked on the web. Scarlett Johansson was also hacked in 2012, Paris Hilton in 2004, or Colin Farrell, whose sex tape made in 2003 with his then girlfriend, model Nicole Narain, has caused much ink.

A few months ago, director Spike Jonze has also addressed the issue of new technologies and love in a futuristic romance Her , led by Joaquin Phoenix. It portrays a sensitive and complex man named Theodore Twombly, who is trying to recover from a bad break by purchasing a modern computer program, endowed with artificial intelligence that can adapt to the personality of each user. In launching the program, then he discovers Samantha, a female voice, funny and sexy (played by Scarlett Johansson) with whom he begins to talk and move closer until both fall in love with each other . But the romance is real or fictional? At a time when we saw the advent of social networks and virtual relationships, the film shows a side of love in the age 2.0, with all it contains poetry, confinement of uniqueness and magic.

A lot less poetic and more raw, Shame Steve McQueen explores meanwhile gender and new technologies through its main protagonist, Brandon (played by Michael Fassbender), a thirty addicted to sex, which among its many practices, trying excitation webcam. Finally, in the romantic comedy You have a message (1998), this is a dating website and mailboxes that will serve as magical tools to Tom Hanks Meg Ryan and camped two booksellers who will end up falling into the arms. So, the new technology may also have the right to form couples


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