Thursday, September 18, 2014


 New technologies in security will be adopted by Israel during its third international conference. These consist of more attention on populations. This will involve issues related to computer security, the fight against terrorism, to information and the protection of individuals. Monitoring will be done, regardless of the medium in which the position (in the street, transport, homes, offices, hotels where vehicles). One way, according to Ambassador Eli Ben Tura, create an atmosphere of tranquility.

According to him, this is to give people all the protection and confidence they need to move as freely as possible without risk of being attacked. However, he said, it is not a guarantee for the army nor the state or border. Enough so that, despite all these measures, the ambassador asked the civil society to remain ever vigilant. He also expressed his desire to see the Senegal confirm participation as was already some countries in the sub-region including Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya.

In fact, the loaded economic and commercial affairs at the Embassy of Israel, Ndèye Aminata Gaye Broken, says Israel is the # 1 safety in the world. She thinks the 3rd conference will be the time to introduce the latest generation of the technology industry safety. Ms. Broken indicates that these security measures will impact other countries in that they serve as examples for them. For her, all the world will need these new technologies for enhancing security to grow and be safe from any danger.


 According to the charge of Economic and Business Affairs, chat gather all major authorities, ministers, companies, government officials, representatives of the gendarmerie, police and security guards. He also talks at this meeting to organize round tables, panels, tours, guided and do tricks in the city, especially for guests who come for the first time in Israeli land. Ms. Broken says 3,500 people are expected to Tel Aviv for the edition of 2014, but said that the event is held once every two years since 2010.


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