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Work: When new technologies affect your health –

COMPANY – More than one in two French continues to work while on holiday …

“Prisoners of the job. N’font old bones, “sang Henri Salvador in 1965 In the digital age, the words take on even more meaning.

The French are more likely not to disconnect from work during their rest periods. CGT engineers, managers, and technicians (UGICT-CGT) Thursday launched a campaign to “the right to (dis) connection.” “The numbers of the working week, 39h30 for employees and 44 hours for managers, are underestimated because so many employees admit to use new communications technologies and information for professional use outside of their working time “says Sophie Binet, Deputy Secretary General of the union.

A symbiotic relationship with new technologies

A study released Tuesday by Tripadvisor reveals for instance that we are 58% to check our work email during our vacation. A habit that is due to our close relationship with new technologies. “They have crept into our lives on an ongoing basis as they became portable. It was our smartphone in our pocket, so there is access anywhere, this creates temptation. Even when you’re at the other end of France, read emails has become a reflex, “says Elizabeth Rossé, specializing in new technologies psychologist.

” In addition to that, we see that there is less and less clear and distinct between personal and professional sphere borders. People take their train ticket from their jobs, and at the same time will meet their colleagues at the weekend. Internet offers users the gift of ubiquity, “says Elizabeth Rossé.

Beware of burnout

This workaholism through new technologies carries risks. “It is better to avoid such consulting interactive screens such as tablets or smartphones before bed because unlike the TV screen, they are much more intellectually stimulating. This hyperactivity may help get to sleep, “suggests Michael Stora, a psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in digital worlds.

” The virtual tool can also cause the flow of information request or severe stress , “he adds. The need to “cut” is necessary to avoid accumulated. “We tend to think that there would be a good stress and bad stress. But both are sources of psychosomatic problems. We can not live forever with stress as a single engine. One moment there is a risk of burn-out, “warns Michael Stora.

Workaholic, workaholic

The idea began to take hold in companies. Last April, a sector agreement instaurait “right to disconnect.” The agreement, signed by Syntec Federation (careers in engineering, digital, research and consultancy), the Cinov (trades intellectual work of the Council) and the CFDT and CFE-CGC evoked for the first time the obligation to get information technology to meet the statutory minimum rest period.

Warning for some extreme work investment hides a more serious problem. “For what is sometimes called the workaholic , the work is a kind of drug. The addiction reflects the fear of heights. Logout, returns somehow to die. “Life is not all work. So remember to log out

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