Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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The Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism (MECNT) DRC officially launched the Global Forest Watch system and presentation of the 2nd version of the forest atlas. It was on September 19 in the presence of Sebastian Malele, Representative of the Secretary General of MECNT.

These two technologies enable the DRC to fight a priori effectively against illegal logging, especially for monitoring and sustainable management of forest resources, noted Sebastian Malele. In addition, applications of these technologies will enable the administration and all interested partners to have updated information on the entire country (whether on land or on the evolution of the covered forest), based on systematic analysis of satellite images in “real time” that include an alert system on deforestation. Moreover, the forest atlas will provide data with current, complete and validated on forest tracks, protected areas, forest roads and industrial infrastructure, towns and villages.

The service project , World Resources Institute (WRI), assured through its regional coordinator, Terry Brncic, a workshop will be organized to sensitize stakeholders in the system of Global Forest Watch, stimulate reflection on the application of the Global Forest Watch in the sub-region.


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