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September 22, 2014

No new technologies for children

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“In Silicon Valley, leaders originally tablets, iPhone, or video games, to leave their children barely touch a smartphone. This is what an article in the New York Times reports. Steve Jobs, Apple’s famous founder, is no exception. “We limit the use of new technologies by our children,” said the famous American journalist Nick Bilton in 2010 asked “your kids like they iPad? “He had also said:” They have never used. ” Same conclusion in Evan Williams, a founder of the Twitter family. At home, his two children have no tablet and are encouraged to read books made of paper, detailing the daily. Prioritize cultural activities was also the credo of the Apple founder. “Every night at dinner, in the kitchen, Steve Jobs discussing literature, history and a variety of things,” reported Walter Isaacson, the author of “Steve Jobs.” “Nobody has ever released an iPad or computer. Children do not seem addicted to all “devices, adds the author.

According to Nick Bilton, most technology pioneers limit the use of these gadgets for their children 30 minutes a day during the week, while others will not tolerate the use technology during the weekend.

A distrust of new technologies that can be felt in the choice of school. To believe the New York Times many officers and employees of Google, Yahoo, Apple and eBay, send their children to a Waldorf, whose pedagogy is particularly anti-technology. And for good reason, according to management, tablets and smartphones are a threat to creativity, social behavior and concentration of students. “

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