Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moroccans eager new technologies – Jeune Afrique

Algeria generation mobile Louiza AmmiJA The results of the study conducted for the American manufacturer of Intel microprocessors in the digital behavior of Moroccans reveals that over 80% of them own a computer device.

Connected, Moroccans are unquestionably. This is revealed by the study – a first – conducted for the American chipmaker Intel by the institute surveys and opinion Averty. The survey whose main findings were unveiled on Tuesday 16 September in Casablanca points out that 84% of Moroccans have connected at least one computing device. 64% of them, it is a smartphone, 61% a laptop, 46% a desktop computer and 28% of a tablet.

More than half of Moroccans surveyed have an outdated device, that is to say, older than three years. A boon

“Because our job is to create and develop technologies that enrich people’s lives, we must understand how Moroccans live and what their expectations of IT equipment “said Karim Bibi Triki, Managing Director of Intel Northern Africa.


This investigation should contribute and just shows that Morocco, as elsewhere in the world, the quest for ultra mobility is a priority. In fact, when asked about their buying intentions, respondents are biased to the laptop (59%) and tablet (43%).

However, more than half of respondents have an outdated device, that is to say, older than three years. One thing that bodes well for the prospects of market development. And this is also probably no coincidence that Morocco has become, in the words of Karim Bibi Triki, “a focus country for the region.” Over the past five years, the American manufacturer has tripled its investment in Morocco

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The availability of computer equipment, however, remains a important issue.

“The cost of a machine is always on average one month’s salary for a Moroccan. it a few years ago that cost the equivalent of two months. We are progressing but this cost must be reduced further “acknowledges the general manager of Intel North Africa. The stakes are high.

In hard-hit by unemployment countries (20% of those aged 15 to 24 according to data from HCP in January 2014), “access to technology can help to develop young people’s employability and competitiveness of enterprises, “insisted Karim Bibi Triki.


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