Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Honda to debut new technologies at the conference ITS – AutoGo.ca

The World ITS Congress was begun yesterday in Detroit. Until September 11, the latest technologies in intelligent transportation means will be presented, including some innovations developed by the Japanese automaker Honda.

Honda will unveil four new Technology at the ITS congress. One of these unveilings will be on the motorways of the Detroit area while Honda will introduce a new technology that allows a car to board or leave the motorway independently. The demonstration will take place over a course of 12.2 kilometers in downtown Detroit. The technology is also able to control the lane changes.

Honda also plans to introduce several technologies that allow drivers to communicate. Virtual Tow system, for example, allows a motorist in distress alert other cars on the road that needs assistance. A good Samaritan can then “connect” to another car and tow virtually. In other words, the driver in distress receive indications of the other car to get to a place where he can get help, such as a hospital or a mechanic.

Finally Honda will unveil a new communication system that allows a car to communicate with a pedestrian, motorcyclist or cyclist. The system notifies both parties when a collision is imminent and then allows those involved to exchange “friendly” messages, according to Honda.


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