Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Criticized on new technologies Tree “answers” to Steve Jobs – Our Time

The Finance Minister Michel Sapin, responded Tuesday to a forged letter from the grave of the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, published in the press by a media adviser who had strongly criticized his “condescension” towards new technology.

Obviously stung, the Minister took the time in the midst of preparing the draft budget for 2015 to be presented early October to respond in this Post Hufftington ” letter “from Steve Jobs, published in Le Figaro on Aug. 21.

The real author, David Brunat, responding to comments made on August 8 by the Minister. Mr. Sapin, who was asked if his phone was an iPhone, the famous model of American Apple, asked “The thing with the apple, right?”, The newspaper’s Opinion. Twitter is for him “imbecility and impoverishment”, while selfies, these self-portraits to mobile phone, are “the mouths of frogs,” was also reported Opinion.

“If you had studied at Stanford or Harvard, not the ENA, if you had done in your life man other thing in politics, perhaps you would have more consideration for those technologies that you look with such condescension “, had responded late Steve Jobs, written communication advisor David Brunat, who recalled the way that many French engineers have contributed to the creation of the iPhone.

“Dear Steve Jobs, I ‘ I received your letter, and I would like to extend my deepest condolences nearly three years after your death, “says Mr. Sapin use without fear of black humor with regard to the late Apple boss .

“My message is clear, and it’s less than 140 characters: the digital changes the world, it’s great, and France has a great role to play. End point, “he says in an allusion to the length limit of a tweet, and using the anglicism” digital “to say” digital. “Mr. Sapin nevertheless praised” innovation “and” ingenuity “of Apple and” other web giants + +. “

” Real questions arise about the patterns and practices of these giants + +. Browse, read pages, download applications leaves traces and data are kept, sometimes pirated and observed, usually marketed. Users deserve concrete questions of right to be forgotten and data protection responses, “writes Mr. Sapin.

” Rest in peace #RIP “Ends minister.


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