Thursday, September 11, 2014

SNCF: New technologies in reinforcements to prevent … –

TRANSPORTATION – To monitor its 30,000 km of railway, SNCF wants to invest in the digital and everything that facilitates data collection …

Safety, Security, security … Fourteen months after the train disaster in Bretigny-sur-Orge, priority displayed by SNCF and Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) has not changed. Guillaume Pepy and Jacques Rapoport, the presidents of the two companies will no longer be an entity in January, have hammered Wednesday during a press seminar reentry in Plaine-Saint-Denis.

The slogan is even more relevant than the summer was marked by the collision of Denguin (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) on July 17, and “several incidents on the railroad” added Jacques Rapoport.

But what if the rail network monitor is around 30,000 km and that for five years, strong jobs growth monopolizes railway, including those responsible for surveillance missions I need regular. One possible solution leads to travelers. SNCF wants to invest in a range of applications and digital technologies to facilitate the collection and verification of information on its railway.

For travelers report problems

This is the case for example of the device Express Alert. “This unique platform is responsible for collecting any reports of anomalies in the network, described Pierre Izard, CEO of SNCF Infra. Suffice it to fill a bulletin reporting on the Web or call a dedicated phone line. Agents will be responsible for store reports, to make up the staff track monitoring and ensure a return to the “whistleblower.” “Express Alert has been tested since early July with the railway and has already helped raise 1,280 reports emanating mainly train drivers,” says Pierre Izard.

But from 2015, the device will open public and any traveler can pursue his reports. At the risk of being overwhelmed alerts and multiply red herrings? “It’s possible, admits Alain Krakovitch, even for a few days and CEO of safety and quality of rail service before taking the direction of transilien. We are already inundated with letters from travelers. But until then, they did not know who to contact, writing SNCF president or the Minister of Transport. The report takes too long to go back to the right person. “

Digital Tablets and wagons automatic monitoring

In the field also, SNCF wants to invest. In spring 2015, the company will provide 13,000 agents digital tablets to improve data acquisition and monitoring of maintenance. Three cars “Watch” also crisscross the French rail network in recent months. Being tested at the moment, they should introduce monitoring tools SNCF from 2015 Under the gear, cameras and lasers scan the paths traveled at 80 km / h, which saves the abnormalities at a much higher rate than the human eye.

SIM technology other than the train cars look closely, says exactly the same objective, “but this time on the switches, a more complex equipment, says Pierre Izard. We currently holds the efficiency of the machine on which you could invest in 2016. “

What to put in the closet railway? It is obviously far. “We launched Monday an extensive survey of 150,000 of our railroad to get their feelings on the state of the network,” says Alain Krakovitch. This will be held throughout the month of September.

Fabrice Pouliquen

Digital should not only serve to improve the network monitoring. SNCF are also thinking for new passenger services or improve its production system. The group even has a “chief digital officer” responsible for deploying these innovations.

One of them will bring new options SNCF Direct, the platform of real-time information of the company. “It will enable the public to locate on a map and follow the path of the 17,000 trains running every day, Guillaume Pepy described, the president of the SNCF. Does the train stop? How fast does it? What time does it occur in such station? …. “Service is due out before the end of September on and will then be available later in the year on the various smartphone applications.


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