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New technologies in the assault of fashion – The

T-shirt, hoodie, sneakers … Mark Zuckerberg is not a muse of fashion. Like many stars of Silicon Valley, Facebook founder popularized the image of the geek careless of his appearance, neurons boiling behind his computer screen. Result in the collective imagination, the world of fashion and that new technologies are not really have much in common … Error!
In recent years, the rise of digital and digital has evolved into a true cultural phenomenon. From real estate to transportation, through music and books, entire sectors are disrupted by the appearance of a myriad of new and innovative applications. In this context, fashion is no exception, and faded more and more about a “tech” boom industry. To demonstrate this, the Numa, one of the biggest start-up incubators in the capital this week launched its Fashion & amp; Tech Week as a foot of malicious nose at the usual Fashion Week.

June, a gem against sunburn

Meanwhile a real marriage between these two ecosystems, the engagement has already occurred. The growing market for connected objects attests. In fact, companies that market seeking to attract a broader clientele than geeks. To popularize their products, many of them are now using renowned fashion professionals and design. This is the case of the company Netatmo. The latter markets June, a bracelet capable of measuring exposure to UV rays, thus preventing sunburn. But instead of displaying a high-tech dial, the object appears as a jewel, with a beautiful prism – that hides electronics -. Grafted onto a leather strap

Presents Monday in Fashion & amp; Tech Week, Raphaelle Raymond, vice president of marketing Netatmo, justified this approach.

“The UV rays are the main cause of skin aging With June, we has chosen to target women because they are the ones who spend a lot of money in creams and other cosmetics to counter this. So we had the idea to make this object connected jewelry. was uses creative jewelry to make it the prettiest possible. Here, we do not have monitor or button. bracelet does not vibrate. Outwardly, so we can not identify an object of geek . “

Once this gem slipped a smartphone application allows you to view real-time exposure to the sun through a whole range of graphs.

The high-tech seizes codes

To seduce his female clients, Netatmo launched a marketing campaign respecting the codes of luxury and beauty. For visual, “ we took a nice model, and we made light work of respecting the codes of fashion and cosmetics” says Raphaelle Raymond. Thus, alongside the technology press, women’s magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Elle, are also interested in this new kind.
Connected objects, actors in the world of fashion are now working together with those of digital.

Pierre Garner is the co-founder of Elium Studio, a product design agency. “ last six years, the connected devices have taken a rather strong tone in our work” , he emphasizes the Fashion & amp; Tech Week. Especially for this designer, shaping these objects represents a small revolution.

“This challenges our habits. Generally, a product is related to its function, the service that it makes. But here, it is usually the app that carries the service, while the object is only a medium. Clearly, we can no longer think of it as before. “

In addition, the designer must work with a new constraint:

“Connected objects are often all day, so we must find a way to make them acceptable to avoid rejection phenomenon medium term. “

Seduce a non-techie customers

These challenges, Pierre Garner faces there every day. Recently, he worked with the French company Withings, which designs and develops connected objects (scales, blood pressure monitors, baby monitors …). The company wanted to market a “tracker of activity.” That an electronic accessory worn on the body – and connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone app – allows the user to know the distance traveled each day, and thus to estimate the number of calories burned

. For shipping this technology, Pierre Garner and his team chose a watch. Called simply “Activity”, this object stuffed with sensors intentionally resembles a classic watch. Only a needle dial measuring activity, located at the bottom right, appears. The goal is, again, to appeal to a larger customer base than techies.

The breakthrough of this jewelry, watches, and other clothing connected to the general public so lets augur multiplication collaborations between heavyweights of the new technologies and those of fashion. Without a doubt, a fashion-tech revolution is underway.


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