Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Teens asked to vote on new challenges … – RTS.ch

      23/09/2014 11:25

“Superhumains.ch” a project launched Tuesday by a multitude of partners, has set the goal to raise the opinion among adolescents on social and ethical implications of new technologies.

Teens are asked to give their opinions on some of the social and ethical issues raised by the use of emerging technologies on humans.

“Superhumains.ch” project, launched Tuesday, will take the pulse of the youth on these issues.

Involve the public

This aims to involve the public more in some academic discussion about the use of biotechnology to non-therapeutic purposes, such as improving cognitive abilities using drugs or increasing the lifespan, said the Geneva Department of Public Instruction.

Students who are involved in the project will participate in writing a book for the general public, to be published in 2016, and the creation artistic works related to the social and ethical issues raised by human enhancement, with an exhibition in 2015.

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