Thursday, September 18, 2014

New technology. Orange pulls out a “app” radio comfort – West France

The app “Orange radio” you can listen to radio stations worldwide on his smartphone. Lannion engineers who designed it tried to avoid as much as possible and outages for greater listening comfort when moving. We can even “flip” App on the speakers of the car.

Just launched, Orange radio does not identify 15,000 radio stations broadcasting on the planet but it allows already make happy discoveries music and listen to Cambodian emissions, Iceland, Argentina … Even Antarctica has its radio accessible through this app. For fans of a genre, the Irish country for example, it is a tool intéressant.De such applications already existed but it is a technological leap in the quality of the connection: “We used our knowledge networks and those on the sound to avoid cuts when network flows “ says Christian Gregory, who works on access to different content (radio, tv …) at Orange Labs.

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