Friday, September 5, 2014

New Technologies: Concepts that are dreaming about the Sony booth –

IFA 2014 – Between its new TVs, cameras and audio equipment solutions, taking advantage of Sony electronics show consumer who stands to Berlin to make us dream …

Direction Hall 20 This is the entrance to the Sony booth where is broad including installing the S9005, first curved TV brand that hides a small enclosed space in front of which it takes a long wait to enter. Behind its well-guarded gate, Sony offers more patients discover some prototypes of devices that the company may embark on a more or less near future.

A TV cabinet $ 50,000

Among them, a cabinet-beamer. Without more modest pace than Ikea TV stand, it reveals a small door from which escapes a short-throw projector does not require more than 40 cm down from the wall against which it is installed. In front, a giant sound bar which we guess only presence. The set pilot simple hand gestures and can display the contents of three vertical screens, for images from a movie, a web page or a surveillance camera. It is possible to pair with two small projectors ceiling. We can watch a documentary about scuba diving, looking up at the ceiling and see the pictures of our air bubbles rise to the surface … more immersive than 3D! All will soon be marketed in the United States … $ 50,000 (equivalent to 39,000 euros).

The Surface table for all

inspiring, but probably more affordable s it eventually emerge, a tiny projector for the kitchen or bathroom. Too short focal length, it is connected to the cloud and our mobile devices. Magnet on a refrigerator door, for example, it can make deco and continuously display a selection of photos. With a dedicated application, the menu provides access to various types of entertainment. Complementary to hang a light fixture on the ceiling. Above the table, it detects that the guests can view on the surface of the table the photos in their smartphone and dragging, send them to another person … The concept is not new and had already been developed by Microsoft and its Surface table. But Sony seems to aspire to put it within reach of the general public. You dreamed? The Japanese brand will probably do. When? It remains a mystery …

Christophe Sefrin


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