Monday, May 25, 2015

A Puy-expo fair champion of new technologies – Awakening of the Haute-Loire

Nao humanoid robot from a height of 60 cm, had given out the biennial event by cutting the tricolor ribbon. On its stand of Charles and Adrien-Dupuy high school, starring demonstrated its know-how: Nao can speak, play sounds, gesticulating by the happiness of its designers.
 It is also the terminal 2D STI students who designed the 3D printer. Special feature: it manufactures a piece from PLA, a starch-based product. In addition to being biodegradable and potentially recyclable, is a plastic having very little shrinkage in 3D printing. “Two years of work were necessary to achieve this machine,” explained their teacher Alain Ducas. Now, the 3D printer goes further with the manufacture of metal parts.
 Thanks to the IUT digital imaging, the visitor is immersed in virtual reality. We tested for you. With the bezel Oculus 3D, the brain accurately restores the immersive environment to give you the same sensations that a rollercoaster. Enough to make your head spin. “There are visitors who stop immediately when Shoe glasses because they are afraid,” warns the teacher Pierre-Yves Bischoff.
 From virtual reality to air reality there are only a few steps. The company “Dronevasion”, located in Cussac-sur-Loire capture shots and spectacular aerial videos. His manager Yoann Bernard presents new drones, always lighter, just 2.5 kg and featuring a greater autonomy up to 18 minutes. The latest model is evolving with 4 cameras 360, stabilizes the image horizontally. What, create beautiful images of the most beautiful sites of the department. The flying cameras can even be located above the drone, allowing to shave even closer high French ceilings.


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