Thursday, May 28, 2015

St. Peter launches its mobile application – Imaz Press Meeting

The city of Saint-Pierre presented this Wednesday, May 27, 2015 its first mobile application. Entitled “My Saint Peter” is already available on Android and will be next week on iOS and Windows Phone. The municipality wants to “enhance the close relationship between municipality, citizens and visitors.”

 “My Saint-Pierre” offer different services for St. Pierrois: a sports and cultural calendar, a directory of the mayor and practical information on work in progress or bathing bans

. The application will also be interactive as it will report an incident. “Via a prior procedure of creating an account, users can report any problems related to the following areas: urban cleaning, green areas, roads, public lighting, traffic lights and public toilets,” said the municipality who wishes to avoid statements fantastic.

The city of Saint-Pierre is pleased to be the first community of Reunion to have a mobile application and “a tool that goes beyond the mere dissemination of information. ” “Our pride is that it was entirely developed by a Reunion society, the agency B & amp; B Web Expertise.”, Adds the municipality

Soon, the southern capital has started a ” total overhaul web tools of the city, who have had their day and no longer meet the needs of Internet users. “


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