Thursday, May 21, 2015

Infidels and wary of new technologies … – Biba Magazine


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The new technologies they would put our couples at risk? This is what suggests a survey conducted by the Victoria Milan dating site, specifically specializing in meeting people married or already in couple …

The survey was conducted in France to 2568 infidels. It reveals that 71% of respondents remove any trace of their deception mobile phone. In addition, 19% of them use the Internet from devices which can hardly be found.

But this survey shows anything special … The infidels would be afraid of being cheated in turn ! Indeed, nearly 62% of them admit to spying on their partner … Worse, 26% trust even have already appealed to trackings technologies like cameras!

Sigurd Vedal, founder and site manager delivers a simple observation: “The technology really facilitated infidelity but also made more risky.” Indeed, the Internet is a mixed blessing … The old nursery rhyme “not seen not caught” always seems topical



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