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The testimony of Nicolas Huchet, sponsor of lorientaises meetings with sailor Capucine Trochet, sums up the philosophy of meetings on disability and digital that started Wednesday in the premises of the Ensibs engineering school.

In 2002, the Rennais 30 years, is the victim of an accident at work and deprived of his right hand. It currently has a prosthesis developed by industry. It does not meet the 100 %. “I, who knew nothing, I approached the Rennes Fablab which brings together computer scientists, enthusiasts 3D printers. We started work on the design and manufacturing of an artificial hand that meets my expectations. “

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The Nao robot featured

The prototype is well advanced. Nicolas Huchet is confident. He thinks that the project will succeed. “completed and it can be replicated around the world, in countries where disabled people lack the means. Because our model will return to 1 000 €, against 10,000 for a prosthesis purchased through commercial channels. “ and add ” A custom prosthesis allows to customize and also give another vision of disability. “

On Wednesday, the design of an artificial hand connected to a bracelet Blue Tooth, similar to the project of Nicolas Huchet, was one of the subjects offered to the participants of Hackathon (contraction of hackers and marathon ) launched as part of the meetings. Twenty participants registered. They compete in teams. In a room of Ensibs, computers, program lines, a 3D printer are available. Among the competitors, Christophe, Corentin, Simon and Nandor, in 1 st Electrotechnical BTS year Colbert High School. They chose flooring on the reproduction of Nao robot. It was built by the French company Aldebaran, world leader in humanoid robotics. Top 58 cm, Nao moves, recognizes its host and can even talk to her.

The center of Kerpape applicant

Since its sale, it is becoming a must. It is a perfect example of the practical application of new technologies to better live the disabled. The hard hakathon until Friday.

After three days of non-stop work, we will know which group managed to conduct a good one of the proposed programs. The electronic lab Kerpape rehabilitation center is an active partner these days. “It is crucial for us to share and to develop tools that address the handicaps by meeting the people involved, trying to identify their demands,” reflects Willy Allegre, one of the lab engineers.

This Thursday, May 28, days will result in a series of meetings. Participants in the challenge “disabilities and technology,” came from all over France, will present their creations. “We have 11 projects for seven schools, including the University of South Brittany, Jeanne d’Arc High School Pontivy. “ The University of Lorraine arrives in full force with four teams. The public including the disabled is expected to Ensibs to discuss technological advances in the field of leisure, communication, mobility, games. Conferences will also succeed on the site until Friday, May 29

Contact:. for enrollment meetings or 06 68 63 79 04. Françoise ROSSI.


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