Monday, May 4, 2015

New technologies: What funding for my project – Clicanoo

In late April, Digital Meeting (formerly ARTIC), digital professionals association in Reunion, held its regular appointment “Crossing Viewpoints”. This time, the theme was interested in financing projects in the era of the French Tech. To do this, five digital players – Audrey Maur Short, CEO of MITYOU Fabrice Schnöller of CLICK RESEARCH Jerome Blondin Project Manager at Economic Development and Enterprise of DIECCTE, Christian Quéré Interregional Meeting Director-BPI France and Mayotte Alexandre Rossoz associated with OTC Agregator – testified that morning from their experience

Issue.? Can determine that interested companies by stage of maturity structure, where to turn, and understand what solutions they can appropriate.

Forty people (employees, leader companies …) have made the trip to attend the meeting, hosted by Didier Hoareau. – Managing Director of the startup BY PLACES ansamb

The speakers focused exchanges around three major themes throughout the morning. crowdfunding, the ambition of the French Tech, and funding and support for growth of SMEs

First, crowfunding (crowdfunding) for several years now enables companies to how to finance disintermediation. It can be translated by the gift, investment capital or the group loan. In Reunion, platforms such as, are available or the next platform, Mityou – soon launched by Mr Court. Attendees may have the advice of Fabrice Schnöller who raised € 50,000 through the global platform

They then looked at the ambition French Tech. As part of the application Reunion at the French Tech, the DIECCTE and BPI France then showed the devices set up to structure, accelerate and promote the sector. BPI then announces an investment of 1.5 million euro envelope for innovative projects in La Réunion.

Finally, companies can also count on funding and support for SMEs Growth: Reunion several companies have already benefited from the support of OTC Agregator and develop their projects. Alexandre Rossoz, OTC Agregator, presented the SME FIP device 974 n.3 for accompaniment, financing and development in the period of French small and medium enterprises growth at different stages of maturity.


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