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In order to present strategic solutions to its partners, a delegation composed of experts from Huawei just stay in Mali. It is in this context that it has initiated a Workshop for telecommunications engineers. This great meeting of high technology, which took place in a hotel room, had moderated Fakourou Camara.

 The Expert Huawei Patric Lohat

The Expert Huawei Patric Lohat

Expert Huawei Patric Lohat took this opportunity to introduce participants to new technologies. It was through this meeting to approach more of its customers to make Huawei a brand known and loved.

Among the strategic solutions presented include, among others, the networks and interconnections energy that can enable partners to improve their performance in terms of optimization of investment costs, reduced maintenance costs and quality of service.

Note that in the context of its overall investment strategy, Huawei supports innovation and contributes to economic development of the countries where it operates. According to officials of Huawei, Mali has a role to play in the global digital scene.


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