Sunday, May 17, 2015

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vazii Vazii: a new application 100% Algerian

This is the start-up Iconest Algerian who developed this application for the placement of telephone and video calls to all users Vazii . For calls to national and international fixed and mobile networks discounted rates are available. Launched with great fanfare on Tuesday, the application is available on Smartphone and tablet computer and downloaded for free from Google Play. Once downloaded, you will simply create an account and a number Vazii will be automatically assigned.


Microsoft unveils new Windows

Microsoft unveiled yesterday Wednesday 13 May, the different editions of Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system that will be available this summer in 111 languages ​​and 190 countries. The American giant has also indicated that it was the last major update for Windows. The next “updates” continually effected by customers in order to remain consistent with the changing demands and expectations of users. Despite its advanced, Windows 7, released in 2009, remains the most used version with almost 60% market share while Windows 8 is still struggling to convince. Microsoft announced in the month of January, that Windows 10 would be free during the first marketing year for customers already using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.


New Tech and social networks: new drugs

The French magazine Humanoid, specializes in new technologies, recently launched an advertising campaign denouncing the addiction to social networks and “New Tech”.

The campaign buzz and because it hairpin industry giants by taking them sarcastically logo.

Algeria: Instagram accounts to follow

Algeria and landscapes inspired by many, whether domestic or foreign, professional photographers and amateurs use the Instagram application, become an unavoidable trading platform to disseminate beautiful shots. Here is an overview (non-exhaustive) of some accounts that make you discover the country in its best


ibnibnbattuta : Andrew Farrand was an American expatriate settled in Algiers. Passionate about travel, he regularly shares many photographs taken in the capital and cities across the country.

Equipped with a Rolleicord old, the young thirty picks Algeria and its lights to decorate his blog his Facebook page.


medlyesphotography : A little over a month that Mohamed Lyes, freelance photographer, Instagram built the universe and his account already reveals many colorful shots.


yacineamazigh Colours, one also found in the account “Amazigh Yacine”, with many pictures of the cliffs of Bejaia. There are also lots of black and white for a very aesthetic mix.


moudjibe : This developer has a certain passion for Algeria and he willingly communicates via his photos often begin to honor the city of Sidi Bel Abbes.


anissnisss : she admits herself, she has for several years “in an abusive relationship” with Algiers

But then that’s our biggest. qu’Anissa happiness, Algerian-Dutch, sharing his shots and good food establishments scattered throughout the city


ad18m54 if you have refreshing thirst, you must go to the account of Ahmed, community manager and specialist in social networks which shares many images highlighting the Algerian kind.


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