Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New technologies in Lorient. Will digital technology save the … – Ouest-France

The Ensibs, Lorient engineering school welcomes first meetings “handicaps and digital.” They are sponsored by Nicolas Huchet. This young Rennais 30 years lost his right hand in an industrial accident. Its industrial prosthesis does not meet their needs, he approached the Fablab Rennes.

With a 3D printer

It brings together computer scientists and specialists of the 3D printer. With them, he designed an artificial hand most suited to their needs and much less expensive than conventional dentures. He will testify about his experience in favor of Lorient event.

A hackathon until Friday

The first day started with a Hackathon (contraction of hackers and marathon). The competition puts vying fades new technologies. Paid for them to design, choice, the artificial hand of Nicolas, reproduce the small humanoid robot Nao dedicated to home care of handicapped or an adapted car remote control.

The center of Kerpape partner

This Thursday, lectures on the menu, as well as presentation of candidates from all over France, participating in the 2015 edition of the challenge “disability and technologies.” The Kerpape rehabilitation center is one of the partners in the operation. Indeed, this type of event allows the engineering team to be closer to the expectations of the disabled in their equipment needs, technical aids in their daily lives.


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