Sunday, May 24, 2015

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TalkDifferent: alternative communication application


A mother had the ingenious idea to create an application that lets you communicate with people with autism. It wants innovative, multilingual, intergenerational and easy to use. Thus, it is through a universal language that users can express all kinds of emotions in communicating with visual and recorded on the application which can add text, design, voice, or a picture . TalkDifferent be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play and already interested and already the medical sector

Cheetah Car:. Site that links carpoolers Maghreb


The recently launched website “” makes it possible to connect people who want to carpool over short and long distances. To do this, simply create a free account, after which the drivers and passengers will be able to contact in order to share the cost of the same journey. The stated aim: cover the three Maghreb countries; Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. But for now, it is still in its infancy because the ads can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The LookOut application to protect your Smartphone


The novelty of this application, which allows you to geolocate his phone, is that the owner can now receive a picture of the finder or stolen his property. Indeed, once installed, LookOut has a new feature that allows to photograph the individual who attempts to unlock the phone three times. The photo is sent directly to the email address specified when creating the user account when downloading the application and the phone is geotagged. What to allow the intervention of the police or simply to get yourself to the scene as shown in the demonstration on the presentation video posted by developers. The application is available free on iOS and Android.


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