Wednesday, May 20, 2015

George Clooney war against the new technology – Underground Montreal

George Clooney hates smart phones and still hate more those who use it. The actor took advantage of a press conference in connection with the promotion of his new film “Tomorrowland” to push a rant. George is very annoyed by people who spend their time filming with their mobile phone.

“I went to an event in the presence of Barack Obama there a few years. The guests spent their time their phone in hand. They can not say they have met the President of the United States, they are just content to film him. It’s like at concerts, people are wasting their time filming rather than enjoy the moment. I’d like to be less addicted to new technologies. I advocate the return of face to face conversations even epistolary correspondence. “

A sweet dream no doubt that George Clooney or not, phones are part of our lives.

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