Friday, May 1, 2015

For Uber, the next step will be the goods – Tribune de Genève

In recent days, leaks concerning the Uber program in the freight flow through the Anglo-Saxon press. According to internal documents obtained by the American company specializing US site TechCrunch, Uber plans to tackle a large scale, the transport of goods.

The group is indeed being testing a delivery service the same day together with many brands but also with Spring, an online shopping application that a hit on the other side of the Atlantic. In the near future, drivers in the service of American society should therefore optimize their travel with passengers in the back and a trunk full of goods.

New unsurprisingly offensive

This new offensive is however not surprising. The founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, has indeed announced from the outset that the transport of persons would be only a first step for his company. In the US, it has already rubbed this market with UberEats and delivery of meals at home or UberRush, its current system of couriers New York.

By coincidence, the subsidiary Switzerland Thursday led a business transaction with the confectioner Waldensian Christian Boillat, a few months after the one launched with the artisan chocolatier Martel Geneva (during the feast Escalade).

Two examples that cast doubt: Switzerland she is also part of the pilot program led by Uber? According to Steve Salom, director of Uber for Western Switzerland, the answer is negative. “Given the exploding demand, all our operational resources are currently focused on the transport of persons,” says the latter.

highly competitive sector

In Switzerland or elsewhere, break into fast delivery, however, will not be a sinecure for Uber. Despite the billions raised in recent months – that give free rein to the group to test the market – the US company tackles a very competitive sector.

It will indeed have to deal with giants such as Walmart, Amazon or Google and Google Express platform, but also for start-ups to closer business models of hers ( based on independent delivery) as Instacart or Postmates.

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