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How to take care of his health with new technologies? – Insurance Expertise Blog MisterAssur

13 May 2015



May 2015

Health is the concern of all. Many of us ask ourselves how to improve our habits to get in better shape and try all kinds of tips and tricks. Now these tips digitize. Health through the Internet and new technologies that offer us more and more solutions to monitor our fitness

Take care of your health with new technologies. The quantified self

The quantified self , that’s how we call the new power came from the United States that allows individuals to control their own health through online tools and mobile applications. This trend is growing with the explosion of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. More and more people take control of their health with the advent of these technologies with which they can inform, organize and implement a follow-up.

Indeed, the quantified self intervenes as a sort of online extension of health card which lists information such as:

  • weight
  • The hours of sleep
  • heart rate
  • Meals
  • Physical activities

The goal is to adapt his lifestyle closer to their needs. One can even create a personal dashboard to pursue its objectives. Even connected devices watching over us, as explained in this video.

The options in France

According to Le Figaro , one in three French would be ready to adopt this trend. In France, it is mainly characterized by articles and videos on the Internet and found especially appreciated. The sites and applications dedicated to well-being, slimming and nutrition are more sought after than those focused on health. Women are most fond of this movement and no longer hesitate to exchange advice and tips on online forums or by leaving comments on websites.

We have at our disposal several options including two notable:

  • Pharmao: Pharmacy Application with which it can send its order to find out if the drugs are available, but also when to take control without to queue
  • Betterise . a web and mobile service that centralizes all your business and health sensors in practice but paid app (14.90 euros per month ).

The advantages and disadvantages of marriage between technology and health

These tools offer us good ways to monitor our health provided they do not get control by the numbers. Indeed, this can turn into an obsession and hurt your “results” by dint of focusing on a detail that naturally solve it was not highlighted. The rise of this phenomenon involves a risk: the increasing number of hypochondriacs and the rate of self-medication. Remain vigilant: those tools that have compiled information. If genuine health concerns must always refer to their doctor.

He must first ask the right questions and to step back compared to measurements taken by the quantified self. The variables of our body constantly oscillate with daily and its hazards. For example: a sales presentation with a potential customer, a small sleep or change of season are all events that can have a momentary impact on his health. We must learn to keep listening to our bodies and not to devices that measure us. With a little common sense, these tools make your life easier



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