Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tennis is no exception to the new technologies – Canoeing

The latest fabrics to high-tech gadgets, sport adopts advanced technologies and tennis is no exception. While Roland Garros just started this week, a former player of the US pro circuit, Todd Hiscox, gives his tips to prepare to deliver as the biggest matches. He is currently the director of professional training center of the Myopia Hunt Club South Hamilton, Mass.

“The racquets have evolved in a very short time,” says Hiscox coach on the phone. He added that the transition from wood to metal and graphite present in significantly reduced the length of the sleeves, to move from a European size 5 (118-120 mm) to 2 (106-110 mm).

This change, however small, has helped make them more flexible and manageable rackets. He said the French manufacturer Babolat gives the example with his snowshoes, he noticed that his models accroissaient its powerful set of 20 to 30%.

Optimize lift

While the size of the handle is reduced, that of the screen explodes, according to Todd Hiscox. He compares the racket Wilson ProStaff Original Pete Sampras (retired tournaments since 2002) and 548 cm 2 to those whose sieve exceeds 645 cm 2 today.

The leaders of the pro circuit, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, continue to increase their screen size and thus strung area, to improve the way they lift (the ball forward rotation ).

“No player name ranked in the top 20 in the world that would not have opted for a larger screen comes to mind, even if Federer held to keep a model more compact for many years, “says the coach.

According to him, keep a smaller screen (548 cm 2 ) offers the advantage of better control although the racket will seem much less reactive to a club player.

A creative technology of athletes

When asked about embedded digital gadgets in some rackets as Play the Babolat Pure Drive model and the new sensor Smart Tennis Sony Hiscox recognizes that it is not interested as much as the juniors it entails, “it comes naturally to the iPad generation,” t- launches it.

But the technology that truly changes the game, he said, is one that gives more power to the players, because it requires that they still run away before and they most still use the back of the court.

“Pace the back of the court to try to revive a shot from crossover or a lobe has become very usual,” said the coach, “in the 80, only one few players could adapt to this style of play. “

Some games require increasingly dynamic course more reactive shoes says Todd Hiscox, who finds that although tennis flat soles are lighter more, he thinks they have not finished evolving. “New Balance and Asics are good options,” said the coach

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