Saturday, May 23, 2015 when new technologies are getting in on our tables –


Because we live in a new society that imposes new behaviors. Because our economy is changing, also changing …

The field of restoration both in Tunisia and in other countries of the world has experienced tremendous development in recent years, upsetting old habits restoration and integrating gradually through the Net and technology, new trends in the restaurant and the consumer.

From simple phone order from your bed it has now risen to the next level through some more ingenious one applications than others.

No more long endless lines, saturated counters of the world, long waits before and after ordering your meal. Fini also huge time loss or inconvenience you endure before finally taste your favorite food … The new version of appears to have found the solution.


Launched from Monday, May 18, 2015, this new version of the application will now allow via simple clicks from home or office look for a restaurant, see a menu, make a reservation or place an order online.

Whether you are on a laptop or desktop to a mobile phone or tablet, the new solution provides more fluidity, simplicity while being fast and efficient.

MonResto simplifies your daily

Now, whether your need or even of your business (BtoB offer since also exists), if you do not go to your restaurant is a restaurant that comes to you. MonResto ensures delivery of your dishes as you are (home or office) with a single click at the price of the restaurant and from 0 dinar shipping costs.

The principle is simple, Just type in your city and area in the search engine and you will have a detailed list of good restaurants of all specialties and world cuisine (Lebanese, French, American, Japanese, Tunisia …).

So, for a better choice, the application provides a listing of the restaurants with their photos, maps, prices, promotions, but also and especially the comments from customers who commanded before. Comments that could guide the consumer by giving him a good idea of ​​the nature of the restaurant.

With the “Bring”, no need to queue at the restaurant to collect your command, notification will be sent when your order is ready.

And as good news never comes alone, your application will offer weekly specials exclusive “MonResto” negotiated especially for users from any network partner restaurants.

For better satisfaction, it is possible for the client to append to its order comments (genre without onion, less cheese, more spice …). It is even possible to view the status of the order to see if it is being prepared or delivered

The app MonResto. Functionality that upset your habits

– Geolocation

– Several filters to facilitate your choice (budget, type of cuisine …)

– A listing of restaurants (photos, contact details, promotions, menu, notice …)

-. You may order a compound and add your comments menu

– Backup your details

– Possibility register multiple addresses (home, office …)

– Viewing the status of your order

– Iron old command

– Shortcuts to your restaurants Favorites

– The push notifications for each coupon

How does it work? Easy!

1- Specify your site

Choose a 2- restaurant

Fill your 3- Cart

4 Choose a method of payment (cash, credit card, and ticket mdinar restaurant)

5 Unit Ready!


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