Sunday, May 10, 2015

Iran: new technologies preventing media control … – The Express

The media control of a technical or geographical point of view has become impossible ” Mr. Jannati said. “ You can not prevent information entering the country “.

Mr. Jannati made the statement to police officers, marking once again the will of the government of President Hassan Rouhani Iran to open to the world.

He stressed that “ One of the best ways to control public opinion is to accompany and not to object “.

Today, with the development of social networks, some information exchanges take place in both directions within a particular group (within these networks, Ed) and we can not in any way prevent “, he said.

If in the past, we could apply a control by putting pressure on the media, today it is no longer possible “, added Mr. Jannati.

It is illegal to possess equipment to receive satellite TV channels in Iran, many Iranians have satellite dishes and receivers to watch the programs of foreign channels, including Persian. The police occasionally raid to capture the satellite equipment.

Mr. Jannati stressed that the technologies developed by the Western countries would allow the next two to three years to receive “ 2000 satellite TV channels on mobile phones “.

With these technologies, people will not have satellite dishes that can capture ,” added the Minister.

Since his election in June 2013, President Rohani applies an open policy on freedom, especially regarding the internet, drawing criticism from conservatives and leaders of the Judiciary .

Mr. Jannati explained that the government conducted a “ Smart Filtering ” social networks and not an outright ban as was the case in the past.

The anti-religious and immoral contents are filtered (…) This filtering is successful 90% for the Instagram network ” photo sharing, the minister said, quoted by the IRNA agency, noting that millions of Iranians used social networks in Iran.

Some networks like Twitter or Facebook, however, remain forbidden, as many political or pornographic sites. But the Iranians are using software to circumvent these prohibitions.


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