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Puy Fair Expo to discover new technologies –

No fewer than 210 exhibitors will be present from 23 to 31 May 2015 Place du Breuil and garden Henri Vinay for this 33th edition of the Fair Expo Velay, where about 70 000 visitors are expected. The theme will be that of new technologies and each day a connected object is to win.

This year, new technologies will be honored after sustainable development in 2013 and tourism in 2011.
3D Printer, drones, fiber optics, replica of a robot automation solution … new technologies will be honored and the theme, “ to date, should attract young people and force so young to get on page “, explains Georges preamble Desvignes, the President of the Fair Expo.

  • Why this theme of new technologies? Our territory is not it offline?


An object connected to win chque day
To be in the theme, mobile “Fair Expo” will be launched: it will be operational three days before the start of the fair and will allow a geolocation various exhibitors.
The event will also be present on social networks and connected devices to be won, by lot, every day of the fair, after participating on terminals installed for this purpose.

  • Amandine Souvignet, director of the Fair Expo Velay, what we can so winning as objects connected during the fair?


is always a lot of visitors who come from neighboring departments: the Lyon and Saint-Etienne, but also the Puy-de -Dôme, Lozère, Ardèche or Cantal. It is a fair that is known and recognized and every two years, it hosts 60 to 80 000 visitors during the week. It’s a fairly attendance stable and we expect roughly the same number of visitors this year “, says Georges Desvignes.

A child village and a gourmet space
> The fair will be divided into two spaces. The first of know-how with the food industry, associations, the European village (with the presence of the Federation of semidetached cities) or a children’s village, where entertainment is provided for free in a secure area for children three to twelve years near the kiosk in the garden. “ This is a complementary service and much appreciated by parents ,” adds Georges Desvignes. The space is equipped with outdoor games but also has a covered area with an adventure / climbing courses, a zip line, great board games, makeup workshop … all framed by professionals.
Bakers, confectioners, butchers, assisted by apprentices CFA Bath, will succeed to animate the stand, including the competition for the best baguette tradition or cooking demonstrations, like chocolate pouring or manufacture of pastries. Farmers will also be producers (village area fourmand) to discover and taste their products to visitors.

Practical information:
– From Saturday 23 May to Sunday, May 31, from 10am to 19:30 in center City: Square Henri Breuil and Garden Vinay. Admission is free. 210 exhibitors will be present.
– Information to the 04-71-09-18-89 or (Website:
– Application Fair Expo Velay to download on Apple Store and Play Store

A digital marquee of 450 m²
The second space will be dedicated to new technologies, in a digital marquee of 450 m². There are many actors: Maskott propose the reconstruction of a digital classroom, Drône Evasion present its material and special regulations regarding its use, the IUT of Puy present its formations while Charles and Adrien Dupuy High School will present a 3D printer , home automation solutions or the replica of the Mars rover Curiosity. Finally, the school will present the Lifi La Chartreuse, which is the future of wireless transmission, without électromagnétqiues waves of WiFi which uses seem endless.
The Urban Community and the City of Le Puy also present their projects related to new technologies, such as the creation of a digital platform on the ITU website, the deployment of optical fiber, the future Geoportal Puy or mobile MyBus for better use of Tudip network. Also on display will be two electric minibus that make their entry into the Tudip park and new services based on new technologies.

  • How will all the new technologies that can be discovered during the fair?


Retro on 80 years of the Puy Expo Fair
In 1935 was the site of the first official Fair Exposition du Puy. It took place from August 10 to 18 and included a rich events program. The catalog details a whole series of “festivals, competitions, concerts and galas.” It is from the year 1950 the fair will take its full extent with the creation of the Association Trade Fair-Velay Auvergne (FEVA). In 1985, for the fiftieth anniversary, the chosen slogan is: “The Velay … move! “. . It defined the enthusiasm that prevailed at the start of this edition
In 1991, the technique comes to the rescue of opening up: the presentation of ISDN is described as a major step forward by offering the ability to transmit on the same network voice, text, images and computer data. The beginning of a true digital revolution. Finally in 2015, smartphones, tablets, connected watches, … 3D printers are disrupting our daily lives and are in the spotlight of this 33rd edition, where he will be offered a retrospective exhibition. Photos, stories and newspaper articles will delve into the memories of the last 80 years.

  • The Fair Puy started there already 80 years. What was it like then and what were the main changes?


Maxime Pitavy


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