Thursday, May 7, 2015

Logos diverted to denounce new addiction … –

In its latest issue, the magazine mocks Humanoid new technologies by diverting brand logos in order to denounce our addiction to smartphones, computers and social networks.

The Humanoid magazine launches a campaign that diverts the names and logos of social networks and brand marketing new technologies.

For the signature “ Technology is the opium of the people ” Quarterly due out on May 7 in web and paper version, the magazine, associated with Gloryparis agency denounces the excesses of social networks, smartphones and other new technologies that make many individuals dependent on their use.


Quoted by the site Influencia Ivan Gaudé, co-creator of the magazine established a current state of play regarding addiction to these new forms of technology:

“Technology has invaded our daily lives. Difficult today to do without it, not even a single day. We have become dependent on our smartphones, digital tablets and laptops, without forgetting the cloud and all connected services … Examples abound “

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The magazine shows such as Apple logos, Instagram or Twitter, now known to all, revisited with the will to challenge with a deliberately provocative message.


The comparison of these brands with addictive substances seems quite legitimate for the creators of the magazine, that say they want to deliver an understandable message, but typing:

“The message we want to convey is simple, the technology is the new fashionable drug. Drink responsibly, some would say, but one thing is certain: read our magazine not dangerous “



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