Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Conference. Children and new technologies – The Telegram

Omnipresent in our lives, new technologies are accessible to all, children and adults. Faced with the very real risks, especially for young people, the educational team of the Saint Joseph school decided to mobilize. A workshop was proposed prevention to all CM within the Nap (new educational activities). On June 8, adults are invited to a lecture entitled “Our children and new technology: understanding the uses and limit the risks.” “The Douar Nevez Association will host this time exchange open to all. This is to prevent the risks that adults can meet the children alone or abusively using the Internet, “says Céline NICOLAZO, Director. Several themes will be addressed: the evolution of screens and our relations face thereof; mobile phones, social networks, video games, understand their uses, their functioning; some practical advice for parents (how to use social networks, access accounts, privacy codes, how to accompany children in their uses …).

Monday, June 8, at 20 pm at Space Oaks. Free.


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