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The consulting firms appear to be lagging in their digital transformation while the digital economy reinvents itself every day. What leverage these companies could use to better anticipate future innovations?

For close
 10 years, the GAFA (Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook) define
 new digital rules. A trolling, big business
 French accuse a disturbing
 delay in their digital transformation. The digital
 also seems to devour consulting firms responsible for assisting
 key accounts in their mutation. At the time I write this
 lines, Google developed its autonomous car, Apple launched its i-watch and Microsoft
 sees its augmented reality headset called Hololens. How companies
 business consultancy could they anticipate these new more
 trends around digital to better support their customers in their
 digital transformation?

Consulting Companies in position

daily monitoring is performed by many consulting firms
 who publish on their site or on specialized articles on blogs
 the digital economy of tomorrow. If they keep abreast of innovations
 developed by Digital giants and startups, partnerships
 Service have difficulty anticipating the new rules of business.

These difficulties are due
 that economic activity
 most of these firms
 predominated by short-term profitability of logical
. Indeed it is
 prudent and cost effective to position its consultants on current topics
 such as social networks, mobility, etc. than embarking on
 New technologies under development including the future profitability is
 hypothetical. Also, large companies are cautious about investing in
 on new technologies in times of crisis. Quitting
 Google Glass visionary project perfectly illustrates the risk
 that represents the positioning of a business on an emerging technology.

This waiting position
 consulting companies results in a Positioning
 on the strategic
Late digital
 compared to the designed technological advances. Many large
 consulting firms point the finger delays and needs
 observing their customers. But these are not going to meet
 innovation by late expanding service offerings around
 latest digital innovations.

be the closest
 innovation to better anticipate

If the delay is at least
 concern, new consultants
 such as The Family and Faber Novel attach to
 future trends
and share. We will try to define
  suggestion box can help
 consulting companies to better anticipate the contours of the future economy.

 R & amp; D

Several consulting firms
 tend toward home editing software to complete their offers
 council. The Innovation Practice
 Solucom Digital has set up a center gathering
 consultants with technical skills capable of performing POC. The
 City company, for its part, developed an expertise solution
 detached from its advisory activities. R & amp; D in consulting companies
 heart is not their business and should not become one. Their role is
 to support companies in their digital transformation. They can
 let start-ups and other innovative companies developing new
 technologies. But they would be wrong not to position a
 minimum of editing. While the risk is to develop a business
 of unprofitable edition. However, consulting firms can
 draw more of the GAFA operation which “ play on an integration model
 all of their products and not on independent product lines
. ”
 If the publishing activity of a consulting company is not profitable, it
 could instead help develop new reflexes and better
 addressing innovation.

 linkages with start-up

To better anticipate
 Winning innovations, consulting companies could strengthen their ties
 with start-up by setting up a win-win relationship. The
 Consulting companies can share their address book with
 entrepreneurs, guide or investing in the capital of start-ups.
 As for the latter, they allow companies to make a bet on
 the future by positioning itself upstream of innovation. For example, The Family
 proposes a structure where identified startups can thrive in their
 providing funding and advice.

 atypical profiles, ‘the digital intrapreneurs’

The digital intrapreneurs are
 Employees at ease with new technologies undertaking
 freely within their society. Google has made its credo with the equally
 famous rule
 20%. These profiles are able to bring new ideas to
 structures in place and advance innovative topics so
 autonomous. The whole question is how to capture these rare gems. By
 strengthening links between consulting firms and start-ups, these people
 can be identified and hunted. Also, recruitment can be done to
 at the end of the applicant’s training. MC2i Group has set up a system of
 very effective recruitment through a training partnership with the school
 Business Telecom Business School.

Corporate Transformation
 Council will be a real challenge for the consultants. Attitudes could
 well be made to change in the coming years. The chilliness up
 side, we may see the emergence of a management and corporate culture
 more forward agility, innovation, pragmatism and entrepreneurship.


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