Friday, May 8, 2015

New technologies: Trap infidels –

infidels , new technologies are probably the best way to get caught by their spouse. Clear traces and evidence left by these machines becomes a necessary practice to avoid getting caught.

Technology facilitates infidelity but also makes it more risky

Internet is full dating sites, chats, forums and other venues to virtually meet people and to get in touch. Online chat conversation Devices or webcam and microphone allow you to easily speak and seduce. The phone is also an easy way to send appointment or naughty messages. This is often the first step towards a future infidelity and the easiest way to stay discreetly in touch with her lover or mistress.

But all these exchanges leave traces. SMS, cats, historic tours, emails and other cookies are all paths that can easily demonstrate infidelity. Also, according to the study conducted, 71% of French infidels never forget to remove all traces they might leave in their computer or phone. The study also demonstrates that they are 19% to adopt a non-traceable internet device. For those who cheat on their spouses, better to take every precaution to avoid one day of getting caught stupidly by SMS, email or inadvertently left on the device history.

Paradoxically, infidels control over their partner

The infidels people rusent to erase any evidence of their disloyalty but are also particularly at the leading edge to monitor their partner. No doubt aware of the possibilities of tracking and tracing that technology, they are 62% confess to having spied their spouses to see if they also deceived them. They are even 26% admit to having used cameras, applications see tracking devices to spy on their partner.


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