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Audit and consulting: new technologies are changing the business – Le Parisien

May 18, 2015, 12:40 | Updated: May 18, 2015, 24:41

On him request to repeat the figure. “We get indeed 70,000 unsolicited applications every year,” says Jean-Marc Mickeler. But if he welcomes this important volume, director of Deloitte’s human resources must also broaden its recruiting horizons.

“We are looking for complementary expertise to support the growth and transformation of our business . These are profiles that have experience in certain regulated sectors, but also specialists in information systems or business intelligence. “

For the audit and consulting industry evolves and is interested in new profiles. “We are looking for data analysts, data scientists and consultants in business analytics and cyber security, abounds Virginia Groussard, director of recruitment of the audit firm and PwC Consulting (PricewaterhouseCoopers). We need specialists in digital processing and big data to support new offerings. These profiles are numerous but sometimes harder to find because they are not necessarily used to go to the council. “

To identify, firms willingly rely on their own employees. “The appointment is a recruitment vehicle that works very well with us, says Jean-Marc Mickeler. We already have a variety of profiles internally with our 9,000 employees in France and many valuable contacts with the qualifications. “Regularly, Deloitte organizes campaigns cooptation with premiums to the key if recruitment is confirmed. The analysis is similar at PwC where 100 recruitment by cooptation were recently validated. “It works well with us, says Virginia Groussard. It encouraged a lot and reward with bonuses that can go up € 4,500. “

” We have a dynamic skills extension at the request of our customers, says Alain Perret, president of the network of independent firms Baker Tilly France. We offer more and more “full service” and “full board” so we are expanding the range of services to give. “

The concern of digital

And he also stresses the growing importance of digitizing . “If I ever have a message to convey is that our biggest concern remains digital. We have not yet made our revolution. “Beyond trades, this employer deplores agility still insufficient candidates in the matter. “Sometimes between two candidates, I am almost tempted to prefer a digital expertise to a business expertise that can assist internally …”


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