Monday, September 7, 2015

Brain: how new technologies help us stay … – Health Magazine

One sometimes has the impression that the flow of messages, notifications, tweets, emails and calls from our smartphone and we continually interrupts is killing our neurons. Yet a new study suggests otherwise. Researchers from the Institute for Applied systems analysisat Austrian examined data on brain speed, fitness and mental health of a group of volunteers in 2006 and 2012.

They found that people aged 50 or over was in much better mental shape than younger participants. According to the researchers, this means that older people are gradually becoming more intelligent as and as new technologies evolve. Indeed, regarding the use of computers, tablets or smartphones at the present time, two competing theories: one that our level of concentration is dropping because of technological chaos and others that our minds have never been so sought and used.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Our Daily asked to provide more intellectual effort compared to the generation of our grandparents, and this increased communication would be an excellent exercise, say the study authors. Easier access to a healthy lifestyle with balanced supply base, better access to health care and better education level have certainly contributed to this increase in cognitive well-being.

Researchers specify that additional work is needed to define how new technologies influence our brain, but they want to reassure the public: their use is not harmful. They add that the connected devices do us if, in parallel, we can exercise our brains differently as reading a long book in time and, of course, taking care of our body by keeping a healthy life.


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