Monday, September 28, 2015

New technologies: eleven young people with modern tools – Agency of Central Africa Information

The graduation ceremony took place on 25 September, attended by the General Director of the Regulatory Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (ARPCE), Yves Castanou. “We do not train alone, we inspire and also orient young people to transform their project ideas,” said the promoter of this project, Max Bombhel.

In addition to the finalists, another group of young people is just learning the mobile application development techniques, a first of its kind in the Republic of Congo. Upon their scheduled release in two months, these learners will have applications demonstration sessions they have designed in some companies of the place.

Note that in addition to certified training, three hundred people benefited from open training every weekends. “To be able to compete with other countries in the world in terms of application development, we invite foreign experts to train high-level young Congolese,” noted promoter Yekolab. Delighted once again the initiative, Yves Castanou wished good luck to young graduates, especially to the founder of the nonprofit organization.

Launched in February by the Director General of the Agency Regulatory Post and Electronic Communications, Yekolab is a project to train young Congolese in the field of information and communications technology. The project also aims to provide nationally concrete answers to the thorny problem of deficit in specialized computer skills and create real competition in the ICT sector, in order to meet the needs of companies based in Congo.


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