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School and new technologies: the good surprise French – Les Echos

This is a report on the digital school that rings both as a warning and as an encouragement for France. According to the results of the OECD study, published Tuesday, “The students and new technologies”, France is doing well. “Better than other countries’ says Eric Charbonnier, expert at the OECD in charge of education. And that, he adds, “even though the digital in France is not a part of learning” .

“The mastery of certain skills – ie surfing the Internet, go from one page to another – surprisingly shows that France is doing well, while its performance is rather bad or the average of the OECD countries in general in education, “ continues Eric Charbonnier. “In France, there are few students who remain docked and show a limited digital browsing activity, Francesco explicit Avvisati, lead author of the study. And they are not also get lost in a maze of irrelevant web pages from their search. “ France ranks once among the good students alongside Singapore, Korea, Australia or the United States. The students, aged fifteen, were interviewed for the report “Pisa 2012″. At the time, 96% of disadvantaged students (99% overall) have Internet access at home. Another advantage of France: boys are much more successful with tests carried out on the internet than with paper tests. Eric Charbonnier sees “a potential lever to use to improve performance.”

“Not a miracle tool”

“Digital is not a miracle tool,” , however, insists the OECD. In Spain, for example, investments were important, students spend more time there than elsewhere (more than thirty minutes per day) and yet the performance is not so good. “The results of Spain perplexing. Despite a significant investment in digital, many students remained docked, points Francesco Avvisati. Spain began to build its digital program through the roof, regardless of walls, that is to say the preparation of teachers. We must shake up teachers to change their practices but also empower them to feel confident. “

In Australia and the Nordic countries, where digital is associated with teaching practices, which work in small groups is developed and where teachers are trained, results are better. “The digital, it’s not a question of quantity but quality, continues Eric Charbonnier. This is not because there will be lots of computers in schools and we will use the digital intensively in learning that we will succeed. “ It calls for ” targeted use “ digital with ” effective teaching practices. “

In this autumn, France is embarking on a new digital plan, with 600 establishments must experiment with new forms of education. In May, Francois Hollande promised “outstanding training program for teachers and staff.” The Department announced “three days of training dedicated to digital during the school year, in articulation with the training plan on the reform of college and new programs that also incorporate a digital dimension.” Some may find just one little investment.

Marie-Christine Corbier, Les Echos

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