Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New technologies: school page – South West


a return was made in good humor, for the 23 children of cycle 3 of the School of Pressignac-Vicq. The municipal employees, the Mistress and the first assistant greeted parents and children.

Everyone could appreciate the work done during the summer and that make more cheerful and welcoming school: changing joinery daycare and canteen, the new painting of the courtyard. The students discovered in their classroom video interactive projector installed in the summer. The city council had already invested there a few months in a laptop in addition to the already established positions. Small school children now have a material and therefore can enjoy the latest technology!

A website for

At the time of extracurricular activities, the town hall, with the help of a speaker, envisages the creation of a website. It will also serve to the school and the students will live with all the experiences and the wealth they have to share.

The great project of the class is focused this year on the knowledge of the Dordogne and it should result in a class discovery.

Culinary, cooking this year will see the introduction of organic and will be turned towards the “homemade”.


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