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How new technologies have made us slaves … – Phonandroid

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If today technology are part of everyday life. We adopted them, integrated, digested, assimilated. And if PCs, smartphones and tablets are fantastic tools, that has not escaped the companies. Today all these high-tech products have transformed our relationship with work, so much that they have made us slaves of our work.

Obviously everyone is not necessarily concerned and we analyze a phenomenon here that affects certain professional categories. Here how new technologies have made us slaves of our work .

Once upon a time the microcomputer

In the last 50/60 years work habits have changed considerably. We started from the typewriter to arrive today with smartphones and connected devices.

The first major change workspaces was of course the micro computer. He took a central place on employees and offices already allowed to perform daily tasks.

It was at this time that employee begins to bring his work home . The frames were fitted for most at home with a micro computer. And the magic of the disk (even if it was quite impressive and that she carried only limited information) that first spawned deviance in the relationship to work. It is then that we see the emergence of new forms of stress.

The microcomputer was certainly a great tool but the employees were not trained in how to use the push. This incompetence has generated new sources of stress: fear that the work is erased, computer crash, bad disk that works etc

So many new factors that did not exist before.. We had to learn to work and adopt the immaterial. A 20-page dossier was previously typed directly on paper, now appears on the screen. Psychologically we must relearn the basics.

The internet revolution

After years learning to tame the micro computers internet revolution has arrived. C ‘ that’s when things took a different extent as in the private sphere and professional

Things had become incredible. Internet not only allowed to communicate to the other end of the world but also to exchange, share. A global interconnection which has inevitably had an enormous impact in business.

The email is the symbol of this changing world of work. If the fax has stood in some sectors, in most offices the email was a real revolution. No more delays of mailings eg for important documents. Everything began to accelerate.

Especially that e No Parallel emerging mobile . All employees starting to be connected everywhere all the time: in the office, at home, and with it go. The media began to change for ever faster.

Exit the calls, SMS allows you to go straight to the point without wasting time with frills. Email has become increasingly fast and allowed to exchange files becoming larger.

These exchange of information in record time have enabled companies to improve productivity and embrace the world. The downside is that employees began to serve the technology and not the reverse. And things have reached a new level with smartphones and tablets.

The technology has surpassed the master

The birth of smartphones has undoubtedly given an incredible extent of the phenomenon. The birth of the first models (Blackberry was then the reference) allowed foremost power meet everywhere and all the time to email. A true revolution for professionals who could take advantage of the main functions of their computer in a mobile phone with QWERTY or Full QWERTY.

It is at this time that we have become slaves of new technologies . Be reachable anywhere, anytime, and be able to perform tasks that previously were only possible from an office that have opened the floodgates for companies to make their productivity beasts employees.

It was at this time that Labour mobility has taken off . The iPhone and iPad then allowed to further improve the working conditions in mobility. For the iPhone and iPad have transformed previously oriented professionals objects consumer products. Thus, an employee already knew the technology and know how to use its equipment as possessed as individuals.

Some companies then surfed the wave of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that is to say in French “bring your own devices.” The principle was simple: the employees were allowed to use their own high-tech tools (PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet) in the office

But as they belong to them, employers were sure to see them back. Products in the home. And invite the Working at home is the best way to make its employees more productive

PCs, smartphones and tablets then became the direct links with the company, and impossible to break away: they sound, vibrate, emit little lights that alert our senses. We then look at what is going on and it is the job and this is important, the stress that comes over us causes us to put ourselves to the task.

D ' Other companies have chosen to equip their employees . Not because they are friendly, no. The ultimate goal is the same: the company offers high-tech equipment (if possible premium) to its employees, it ensures to be in direct contact with its teams anytime, anywhere . And as she did a great employee gifts tend feels indebted.

You can get away

This invasion of labor in the private sphere is at the heart of these debates Lately the government. The Ministry of Labour will study the report Mettling , a document that aims to analyze the digital transformations in the world now.

For now it is difficult for certain professional categories identify the volume of work provided. Many cadres working from home, the evening or the weekend.

The report Mettling (name of the executive director of HR at Orange who is the author of the report) therefore aims to establish a right to disconnect . This obligation is to refuse to stay connected outside of the office hours.

Some companies like Volkswagen have introduced a system such as servers cutoff emails between 6:15 p.m. ET 7am so that employees do not feel invaded. If in Germany these are practices that are increasingly deployed in France we are only at the beginning.

Nevertheless, disconnect also the responsibility of each and it is above all to adopt new reflexes to not be invaded. And what could be more effective than any disconnect disconnect?

Turn off all equipment that bind you to the company (smartphone, tablet, PC) and use only your personal devices. If your business smartphone is also your personal smartphone, you can filter notifications. Be a slave to his work because of the new technology is not inevitable, simply agreeing to clinch


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