Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Children are not aware quite early to the new … – RTS.ch

The study – the first of its kind in Switzerland – was conducted by the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. It teaches us that children generally receive their first mobile phone to the age of 9 or 10 years. Before, they prefer to play, staying with family, reading or watching TV.

The children still attached to books

If half of 6-13 years have a mobile phone, the ‘Zurich study shows as well as 37% of children are immersed in reading a book for at least half an hour a day -. far screens and applications on their smartphone

The stereotype of child glued to the tablet from the cradle is misleading, according to Sarah Genner, co-author of the study. “This is especially television, music and books that are very important in the daily lives of children,” she said. “They are still fairly traditional, but it changes with age. At six years is obviously different than 12 or 13 years.”

The mobile phone is the preferred media for young people, sometimes to the chagrin of their parents who say they are more worried about what their children find on the Internet for what they see on television. “Parents often do not have internet when they were little, so that makes them a little more scared. But I think they underestimate the effect of TV,” said Sarah Genner.

The essential role of school

The study also emphasizes the role of the school. The authors believe that it is necessary to sensitize children to new technologies from the kindergarten, with lessons in itself.

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