Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to relieve stress of new technologies – Health Magazine

The high-tech devices have many advantages. They allow us to stay connected with our loved ones, regardless of the geographical distance, and help us to share personal and professional information very easily. But for some people, the ubiquity of technology can cause decreased concentration, lack of attention and constant impatience.

Our brain gets used to being rewarded with the feeling of well be it feels after responding to an email or a phone call, and ends up becoming addicted. Result: instead of helping us, the screens absorb us and prevent us from being as productive as we hoped. But reassure you, there are plenty of ways to limit this anxiogenic effect.

Avoid temptations

You need to concentrate on a project, but can not close the Facebook page? There are software “productivity boosters” to help. The site recommends LeechBlock Health, a free extension for your browser that you can set so that it prohibits you scatter you at certain hours of the day. Otherwise, set yourself an alarm clock to give you the time of breaks in time.

Better manage your emails

To avoid spending your time checking your emails, think to change the settings so that the application does to update once an hour. If the emails are an integral part of your work and that you need regularly, try to limit yourself to office hours. If you receive an email not very urgent in the evening or on the weekend, do not respond. The act of sending an email in return may result in a lengthy exchange that will do more harm than good to your efficiency.

A room without technology

The temptation of go to bed with her phone, the tablet or the reading light is strong, but it is resistant improve our sleep. Light screens can disrupt our internal clock and cause insomnia, so we try to delineate the room so that it becomes an area free of any high-tech device.

Moments for dreaming

Have you noticed how our time spent dreaming, reading or thinking has decreased since we have a smartphone in hand? Remake the world in our head is important for our well-being. To preserve this balance, try to find a moment to let the laptop aside. Shopping, gym, meals … choose the opportunity that suits you the most to preserve your dreams.


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