Monday, September 7, 2015

The use of new technologies has an impact on the environment –

If the Internet and new digital technologies are an integral part of our society, be aware that their use has adverse effects on the environment.

With the changing technology , it is difficult today to do without his computer / smartphone, net and search engines. Yet these new practices are costly to the environment . According to a study published by e-rse and greenIT , the use and manufacture of new technology s are an important source of energy and therefore greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

According to data collected by the online media, the impact of the web on the environment is estimated at 1037 TWh of electricity, or 40 nuclear plants and 609 million tons of greenhouse gases. Using the web also raises an important water resource. In one year, Internet use by an individual corresponds to the consumption of 3000 liters of water and 200 kg of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Water consumption is related to three events:. Manufacturing equipment, production of electricity and cooling data centers

In short, all feasible measures to Using the Internet and have an impact on the environment sending an email emits 19 grams of CO₂, adding attachments or additional recipients increases the amount of GHGs issued, an Internet Google search is equivalent to the emission of 10 grams of CO₂.

Know that today, nearly 3.2 billion people have Internet access and this number increases by almost 10% per year on average. According to UN estimates, in 2020 nearly 5 billion people will be connected, and almost all of the planet should have regular access to the Internet by 2035.

The environmental footprint of web


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