Friday, September 11, 2015

The National Education could finally take better account … – Nikopik (Blog)

A common criticism of our good old national education remain too traditional, not quite integrate new technologies and new uses in education, jealously guard intellectual property of certain courses instead of making educational content available to everyone, free of charge.

Critical-which were apparently heard by the Committee for the Strategy National Higher Education, which after more than a year of research, made proposals to the government in a fairly substantial report. Within this report are hiding some tracks that could finally allow the National Education to take better account of new technologies in education in France.

Among the identified proposals include -in a particularly interesting that intends to open source all tools developed by public higher education officials. Because yes, for that these so-called pay-agents with our public money, both to ensure that the fruits of their work can benefit all!

“Faced with massive investments being made in the field of e-education, France must take very clear guidelines to protect the creations of our higher education of a possible privatization. “

The report also proposes to place freely licensed official course content created for higher education in order to prevent that a business uses to change and become the intellectual owner. The kind of proposals that may disturb some publishers of textbooks, accustomed to gorging happily to each and every new edition of millions of copies control, all paid for with public funds.

even speaks, great upheaval in the French educational habits, allowing access to the Internet during certain examinations! A good way to understand the new relationship to knowledge that is created with Web access, and to privilege intelligent information retrieval, and the ability to understand, summarize and learn something new rather than relying on rote learning, which has clearly shown its limits in recent decades …

This step is unavoidable, expect it to allow deployment training adapted to the world around us. “

Education that finally away from rote for us to offer courses and tests carried more on aspects that can be reused in the future daily lives of pupils ? Here are some perspectives that leave truly dreamy!

Of course, this is currently only recommendations, which are still made by lecturers at the university, representatives of local authorities and actors of socio-economic world. Hopefully these initiatives will not riddled with purely economic interests, such as the choice to offer a brand of computer or tablet over another, and also the opportunity to choose operating systems and free software to animate, just as our little darlings are not brigaded from an early age to prefer an owner rather than a free OS system! Yet he will train teachers in their use … ^^



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