Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Digital Map 2016: new technologies could not … – Atlantico.fr

Francois Hollande wants to anchor the digital school, the use of students during classes, as from September 2016. However, on Tuesday an OECD report shows that countries that have chosen to introduce Internet the school did not achieve the expected results. -That The grade level of students ranging from letter, mathematics … – has not progressed significantly, “their impact on student performance is mixed, at best,” said Eric Charbonnier, Analyst OECD Education


Despite the omnipresence of new technology in our everyday life, they are not yet widely used in education, notes the OECD. When they are actually used in the classroom, “their impact on student performance is mixed, at best case.” “This is not necessarily because it uses digital intensively at school that does well in the numerical tests,” said Eric Charbonnier. These tests focus on understanding digital texts, but also the “targeted navigation”, ie the ability to find answers to questions by clicking on a series of relevant links.

D According to the report, these weak results could be explained by lack of understanding of web browsing, difficulty finding the desired information. For now, and before the implementation of the digital map of the President of the Republic, the French small work better with a computer than with traditional paper and pencils. Yet still the best performing students from Singapore, South Korea, Japan … So the children would have a better understanding of the tool in these countries and a better education system as the report explains: “to reduce inequalities in the ability to take advantage of digital tools, countries must first improve the equity of their education system “

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It also highlights that the report is the lack of training received by teachers. The teacher needs to know when the digital focus brings something to the educational process. This is what Francesco Avvisati precise annalyste the OECD, “it is not the amount of use that counts, it’s the quality.” So you have to opt for competitive equipment while preparing students and teachers are rigorously without overestimating their skills in this area. As confirmed Eric Charbonnier, the plan for the digital “will only work if teachers adhere to it, if they are well trained and if a culture of collaboration is set up”

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