Saturday, September 5, 2015

The aging brain mastering new … – SciencePost

A study treated in a US magazine suggests that seniors who learned to use computers and smartphones type devices have cognitive capacities than those who do not use them.

Your grandfather or grandmother do they use smartphones and computers? Often they flee before this frustrating unknown while others take their courage in both hands to cross the course. It turns out that for the latter, master these technologies have positive effects on their mental health, as indicated by the US magazine Quartz in its article 1 September 2015.

“The challenges posed technology are complex and rewarding, they help to boost cognitive abilities. “

The magazine was based on a new study entitled: Smarter Every Day: The deceleration of population aging in terms of cognition , published in the journal Scientific Intelligence (N ° 52 September / October). This research has allowed to reach the conclusion. Cognitive abilities of the elderly making use of new technologies begin to decline at a more advanced age yet

So, it seems that this cognitive decline occurs between 4-8 years later than in the previous decade, according to measurements made in both periods. The study, in its research, did not ignore other factors such as education or the general state of health. 2000 people 50 years of age were tested in 2006, while a range of 3000 people have been in 2012, and in two countries (Germany and England). Test takers in 2012 then more successful IQ tests than those of 2006, but also (and especially) a whole galaxy of cognitive tests than those of 2006.

“In many cases People of 52 years in 2006 had the same scores as those of 60 years in 2012. Their education level had not changed so much, but we could see that their use of computers and mobile phones had evolved. “

This correlation seems well founded, but requires lengthy verification, according to Valeria Bordonea Sergei Scherbova and Nadia Steiber, members of the Austrian team behind the study.

Sources: Tribune de Genève – Quartz


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