Thursday, September 3, 2015

New technologies: drones at the Fair Expo – South West

Aurélie FRANC

The company has Airinov “was created five years ago. We were in the barn of my parents with friends in Poitou when we had the idea to create these drones, “says Romain Faroux, one of the three designers of these new generation drones.

This child of Poitou farms is surrounded by two engineers, Florent Mainfroy and Corentin Choron, to develop these new agricultural tools. Thanks to them, it is possible to have a much more accurate maize plants, for example, or set whether a plant is sick or not, without having to carry out destructive sampling.

Appropriate sensors

The principle is simple. Some farmers can obtain from Airinov agridrones. They then become a member of the network of the same name in France. The practical and theoretical training is supported by the company.

At the request of farmers in their area, they fly drones over the crops concerned. The results are then sent to Airinov which processes the data. Today, this box has thirty employees and about 70 people in the agridrone network. The analyzes are possible through special sensors. The sensor detects light reflected by the plant in four distinct bands, two colors visible to the naked eye, the red and green and the other two, infrared and other near infrared.

The sensor then assigns a color, which must be taken into account based on the thinking and direction of light and which is analyzed by the members of Airinov. “This is nothing more than what was my grandfather but it is more accurate,” smiled Romain Faroux. The sensor, placed on the drone 150 meters of the plant is stricter in the demarcation and thinner than tractor or satellite sensors.

The company will have its own location at the Fair exhibit and conduct “drones presentations and tractors to show what we do in real life.”


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