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DIGITAL / Alsace. The meeting between a software developer and a stage manager sound / video, it gives a little nugget: Studio Pixmix in Strasbourg


The young company founded in June 2014 seems to start on a solid foundation and prepare the lifting of € 220,000 by the end of this year, she hopes.


Application screenshot Standing Ludo, cognitive game for young children.


Connected video games, Damien and Laura Dessagne Fort found the opportunity to satisfy their passion tactfully. Their society Studio Pixmix investing niche cognitive game for young children. This is the adjective that is important. The stories they design not only meant to entertain but they continue to stimulate knowledge to kindergarten age


We work for it with researchers in neuroscience and educational science from the University of Strasbourg, engineering school Insa Strasbourg, the consortium between Rothschild Foundation CNRS. Our niche is the prevention of learning disabilities “describes Laura Strong.


In a dedicated and secure space applications at the end of the game, parents have the opportunity to assess the weaknesses of their children on pattern recognition, fine motor skills, etc.


Laura Fort found inspiration in tales from all over the world: it has found pieces of history in Australia, China or elsewhere in Asia to develop “ Standing Ludo “, a kind of virtual library that includes several interactive fairytales that the player identifies with the hero, Ludo. In “ The countries without flowers “, for example, the mission is to retrieve the flowers stolen by an evil sorcerer.




The economic model put in place to provide a first free game that makes you want and then go to (x) fee (s). To adapt to the culture “ zapping ” the new generations, the stories are limited to 10 or 20 minutes each. They can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.


After the first year of activity, the turnover reached 115 000 to € and staffing were brought to 4 people, two founding partners and two CDI.


Studio Pixmix goes on a road that was pretty clear from the start. We often speak of the assault course of entrepreneur, or in this case, things happened in a rather fluid.


Connected video games, and Damien Dessagne. Fort Laura found the opportunity to satisfy their passion. © Christian Robischon.


The two partners have provided € 10,000 to the capital of their SAS, and then they received € 27,000 loan with BNP with the guarantee – precious – Active Alsace. After hiring subsidies from the Alsace Region and a first loan of honor to € 5,000 of state device Nacre (New support for creation and business takeover), the status of recipient of the Entrepreneurship Network Alsace was a real snap.


It triggered another loan of honor to € 11,000, and especially the support by a CEO: Maurice Bérenger, founder of Medical Protip exercising a “ supervision ” benevolent much appreciated.


With the Entrepreneurship Network


See you at least once a month, he provides expert management and even more fundraising, our next course to cross ,” says Laura Strong.


Studio Pixmix indeed negotiating the lifting of € 220,000 he hopes to achieve by the end of this year to meet its target of € 700,000 in revenue in 2017.


The young company also benefits from many of the benefits of the business incubator Hautepierre, Strasbourg Eurometropolis hosting it for 23 months: low-cost, shared services. Under certain conditions (not filled by Studio Pixmix), the site of 1850 m2 can also grant tax exemptions under its location in urban zone. It is full: currently 22 of the 28 cells are occupied.



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