Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crown: lke the CFA Oisellerie cultivates new … – Charente Libre

“O na had a very good attendance, both internally and externally, with the presence throughout the day to learn from farmers”, RABEYRIN analysis Jean-Pierre, the director of apprentice training center (CFA) of the Charente, at the end of the exhibition on Friday on the website of the Oisellerie.

Julien Palombo, Nathalie Chaduteau and Thomas Bernard Debayser, the organizers of this event are the three apprentices BTS GDEA (engineering of agricultural equipment) to CFAA (training center for agricultural apprentices). “This day organized with their trainers As part of their PIC (initiative and communication project) was devoted to the new technologies employed in agriculture, to embedded computing, the GPS service of agricultural activities and the use of drones in agriculture “, explains Jean-Pierre RABEYRIN.

On the ground, drone flights have succeeded, the high school auditorium hosted themed conferences, particularly on the legislation governing the use of these new tools and dealer brands in the region have proposed a permanent exhibition of agricultural equipment.

This day “special technology” has also benefited from the presence of information stands in agricultural cooperative Mansle, MSA, the Chamber of Agriculture, Young Farmers, Agricultural and Airinov Credit.

The agricultural machinery sector recruits

This successful event, which will be renewed at the next session was an opportunity to take stock of the return to the CFA. “It is satisfactory with a 100% success rate of our BTS GDEA (1) , a flow of 130 apprentices in the first year, than last year, slightly less than candidates landscaping, economic crisis obliges, and still places available until December with possibilities for the establishment to find a master trainer “, says manager that focuses “on sociocultural activities proposed for this month internally by Laurent Chetaneau, a teacher, in conjunction with the students’ .

Very carrier, the agricultural machinery sector is recruiting again and again. A 2014 report from the Department of Agriculture figure the number of jobs from 5000-7000 to be filled in the manufacturing sector and distribution. “We must improve the attractiveness of our training to break the image conveyed by ignorance the various areas concerned and the lack of visibility of our various businesses, “ insists Jean-Pierre RABEYRIN recalling the two Broad them. Highly qualified technicians for maintenance, the development of equipment, offices and workshops are part of the first. Commercial, the second orientation also offers many opportunities, among others in heavy equipment dealers.

This year, three more have made their entry into the teaching team and the CFA offers training in farming Ostrich from September 28.

CFA Information and registration and CFPPA of Oisellerie, tel. .

(1) The CFA of the Charente is the only one in the region to offer this training


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