Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sévérac-le-Château: a return under the sign of new … – Midi Libre

L ‘teaching staff and students of Sacred Heart College regained kits and school bags and serenely approach this new school year

Teachers welcome a newcomer, Mr. Barbier, history and geography. All the team continues its training in multiple intelligences and neuroscience and will receive twice this year, Sylvie Dube, Canadian trainer.

Many projects are in place and will expand during the school year, especially in connection with the sport, the National Education 2015-2016 has placed under the sign of school sports. Intergenerational exchanges are also planned.

The great journey is almost completed, students and teachers have only to pack their luggage, teaching files, presentations, various studies in connection with the visited country .

To help the realization of all these projects, teachers have a new equipment. Indeed, last July, it was in a relaxed mood, finding their inner child, teachers had discovered a new teaching tool: a 3D printer that offers new opportunities and resolutely up the establishment under the sign of new technologies, complementing their computer equipment.


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